Monday, March 4, 2013

Actors in Micro environment

Success of the operation will depend largely on the efficiency of connection within a certain system. Because of that actors in micro environment are:
1. Enterprise
2. Suppliers
3. Intermediaries in marketing
4. Customers
5. Competitors
The company is the main actor in managing with marketing activities and its placement is of great importance for the overall marketing system. While it is not important just the positioning of the marketing function, but also the position of the other functions, and their connection with the marketing function.
Suppliers are also a very important factor in marketing management. Namely, given that suppliers should provide the necessary materials and supplies, it is clear that disturbances in this area directly affect the ability of the company to realize its goals.
Intermediaries in marketing may be companies who assist in the promotion, sales and distribution. As primary mediators occur:
- Intermediaries in the trade that make it possible to find buyers as agents and trade intermediaries.
- Physical distribution companies that carry out activities such as inventory storage, transport and so on.
- Marketing services agencies.
- Financial intermediaries, which include banks, insurance offices, etc.. that help provide funding the company.
Customers are the most important factors micro environment enterprise. There are 5 basic consumer markets:
- Consumer market where there are families and individuals as buyers of goods for personal consumptio
- Industrial markets where purchases are in charge of the production process
- Market resellers where purchased for further sale
- International markets
And competition has a direct impact on the marketing elements and occurs in the following basic types:
- Competition-brands (brands) products
- Competition of the products and enterprises operating in the same industry
- Competition in the characteristics of products that meet the same need
- Generic competition regarding the various possibilities of spending money at their disposal purchase.


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